S.B Thai Massage & Spa (Walsall) | About our spa
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About our spa

Thai Massage



Welcome to S.B Thai Massage Relaxing & Deep Tissue Massage in Walsall.


We provide Traditional Thai massage, Back head and shoulders massage,
Thai massage with herbal stamps, Thai oil massage, Milk oil massage,
Massage with hot coconut oil and others.


We are proud to provide professional qualified therapists that guarantee to offer the best service in Walsall.


“We aim to provide you get the benefits of Thai massage with better health and to eliminate the pressures of your working life.”

Hot oil full body massage

S.B Thai Massage provide good service to relax your stressful body after your work all day by using our magic hands. A cramping muscle can relax when stretched correctly. Thai hot oil full body massage style targets the upper and lower body area and is popular in most spas with each one performing their own particular technique.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage ancient form of massage using oil and yoga techniques develops whole body flexibility and eases muscle pain and your tensions. This invigorating massage is applied using thumbs, hands, elbows, feet and knees that delivers a deep and effective life enhancing treatment.

Deep Tissue full body massage

Deep tissue massage instigates tension relieving response by concentrating on posterior very deeper muscles. With increased pressure, typically following the muscle from insertion to origin and increase blood flow to targeted muscles.

Facial Scrub massage

Facial Scrub,  relaxing treatment is an effective way to exfoliate away dead skin cells to leave skin soft and smooth to the touch.  And The scrub scrub is followed by moisturising lotion to hydrate the skin and restore its suppleness.

Back Head & Shoulder massage

The Thai ancient therapy releases tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders where physical with emotional stress often manifests. We use Aromasoul Massage and Body Oil, this indulgent and relaxing treatment aromatherapy influences.

Foot Massage

Ancient therapy that has its roots in reflexology that linking zones on the feet to specific parts of the body to help tension, alleviate pain and inflammation.

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077 3427 4732, 079 3918 3681


Choose a S.B Thai Massage gift for someone special, or let them choose whatever they desire with a S.B Thai Massage card voucher.

Book your massage


077 3427 4732, 079 3918 3681


183 Wednesbury Road, Walsall

Opening times:

7 Days / Week
10.30 am – 9.00 pm

Select Services
Hot oil massage (1/2 hr)Hot oil massage (1 hr)Hot oil massage (2 hrs)Deep Tissue massage (1 hr)Facial Scrub massage (1 hr)Back Head & Shoulder (1 hr)Foot massage (1 hr)